Still the same.

I’m back in Oregon for now. Getting in touch with the old me I used to know.


throw the throat to show the dome
in the dust surging the curb home
diminishing returns to digestion
I’ve lost sight in what you’ve just ingested

sensitive is or isn’t it
negatives wreck the record we ain’t livin it
let it be known you bleed through the dead cause
synopsis’ of the citizens psilocybin is the clause

necessity is the trickery of all entities
the pen is in your head in the generality
dropping pockets in the sky
inside the external is why you always feel high

sentient ancients are the new old
feeling when you aren’t even cold
one by one mediocrity bends our leviathan
replaced by our fundamental need to defend

that you think you’ve been here all along
but I’ve only just arrived in my calvary


© Conifur 2014


Relate shit ship

This goes out to all the lone soldiers. The one’s that kill demons in the name of a mustachio howling “fuck you” at a paper moon. Shine a light in my hollow brain pain. Plant a fuck to give a fuck. Slab city gypsy, under the bruised truthful youthful tree house. This is what the ghost of someones dad said. Croaking the frog like it ain’t no joke; be shrouded loosely in an air of indeterminates.

Merry Deepmas

euphoria historia, open the gate
this medicinal ethereal, it loves to create
the elemental masonry tie dyed my first seconds
left over to flatter an optimistic image sex second

water screams once boiled
insecticide exemplifies the beef that we broil
empathetic human, projection of shoe
go ahead and tell me that eye am not you

I’m just like everybody else
I might see you tonight, or else
this sage just might lose his light
everybody else is a fine dust
I dare you to rise up

© Conifur 2014


Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet

You can get rid of all this insanity created by the past in you. Just by being a simple witness of your thought processes. Right now I’m in Knoxville Tennessee, I’ve recently come out of the woods in Alabama from a rainbow gathering. I had a very interesting time there. A lot of good and “bad” experiences as well. Treat all people as if they are part of your family. For THEY ARE part of your family; One human family. I’ve decided that if I don’t find my family jam band travelling around Babylon that I may decide to move to forests of India to live and to die as we all did before technology showed up. My aim in life is to sustain an inner peace dissociated from the ideals passed down from Babylon. I know I don’t write/share as much as you would like me to. Yet I’d rather fully immerse myself in every experience of the new now, as opposed to writing about each and every one. I disregard proof most of the time. I don’t give a shit what you think I did or didn’t do. I’m living my life for myself regardless. So I guess that’s my apology for the lack of documentation on my travels. Headed to Kentucky next for another gathering.

Wake Up

frequencies shift the unrecognized dormancy
to perceive a new sense of considerable normalcy
shown through the intimate encounters of an unseen self
do not continue to put it back on the shelf

know that these intricacies will dictate
all of which you might wish to create
that your thoughts emit a frequency
and you can consciously tune into the signal unseen

no matter what side you see, its just one side
no matter how much you think it means, its just one side
while implementations of our current mind-state
they directly affect your fate

in a mind conceived illusion
we are all used to being used
to create our own confusion
this is all just an illusion


© Conifur 2014

Love is God

I’ve been deep in the desert for the last two months, living very far outside of conditioned society. Entangled amongst a plethora of many, many “individualists”. I’ve been being hit with an overbearing, very applicable perception/concept in which our egos and sense of entitlement are more often than not, the roots of all our relational issues/problems with other people. To objectively observe and to be legitimately conscious of your vibrational output is a very large advantage in life. I can only hope that others will begin to see these types of things for themselves. For words are just words. “Don’t waste your hate. Rather gather and create. Be of service. Be a sensible person. Use your words and don’t be nervous. You can do this. You’ve got purpose. Find your medicine and use it.”

communication is key

hesitation breeds a sense of discontent
without it, what you seek is immanent
be perceptive while explaining your perception
for communication is key if your aim is full retention

manifest an outcome based solely upon stability
and know it’s not a fantasy to be living life cohesively
consistent expansion of internal thought is essential
to exhume the unseen, once unrecognized potential

nature still decides for us, our man-made decisions
yet you must know that it is YOUR choice alone, when inheriting dispositions


© Conifur 2014

Poetry is an eco, asking a shadow to dance.

I’ve never been more torn between such opposing feelings before. I not sure if I’m completely happy living life alone in a crowd right now, or if I’m depressed about it. I like socializing, but staying in cities get to me. The immense association to despondency in large cities is inescapable. Initial relationships seem to be based upon what can be sexually or monetarily benefited, as opposed to internally or intellectually, and honestly that bothers me a lot. Sure I love sex, but honestly I could give a shit about gettin’ any from anybody. I just want to share/gain perspectives on life and to have real, applicable, non-regrettable, joyous memories with people. I know there are others who actually live as if they do too. I feel that we all want to. It’s just unfortunate that the majority in which I have been seeing live life as if they don’t. I’m not sure if I’m happy or depressed right now. It’s interesting. I may stick around Tempe for a bit longer. Yet then again I might not. I need to at the least go hiking this week though to get away from Babylon a bit. Society will bring you down no matter who you are. Get your nature fix if you haven’t recently.

Feels like Content

a simplistic perception connects the intent of silence
your eye on the forest, dismantling reliance
of conditioned security, deconditioning thought
invision what you’ve always dreamt would be taught

in a low heaven that swiftly breaths
through an internal doctrine of indefinite need
there, discover an exposed mitigated weight
of contentment, through a life you wish to create


© Conifur 2013

We fall in love with that which we project on each other. Then settle for reality, or just reject one another

Travellers. Oh young travellers. A lot of us seem to have acquired this ideology that we are above others. As if we’ve earned some type of entitlement because we left everything to have nothing and do anything. Its frustrating when the ego of others gets in the way of them being completely transparent with you. If we want people to be real with us so badly, then why does it seem so hard for us to be real with each other? Thanksgiving is tomorrow, bringing with it the want of community. I’m doing great by myself, yet I’ve been missing the feeling that comes with having a steady familiar face around. One that actually gives a shit about me. I’m going to record some new songs in Tempe AZ next week hopefully, then I’m going to explore Southern Cali for the winter. I am also going to finish formatting my book there and maybe find myself a publicist. In the meantime it would be nice to meet someone “real”.

the message is you

indicative self derived soliloquies
solidify the proceeding contribution of this contingency
shown through tangible, interpretative perceptions
believed, yet not seen as; perfection

in which dwells behind the veil of actualities
tied to the directional output of all entities
recognizing this is key
the application of, is what I’d like to see

intentionally note the opposites of your obstination
for the middle is where they’ve found their definition
ensue the procreation of this predetermined knowledge
for that is just this
the message is you


© Conifur 2013

Making a living is not the same thing as making a life.

Once you realize that the road is the goal, and that you are always on the road NOT to reach a goal; But to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom. Life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple. In itself an ecstasy.


compelled by a temporary notation, heard through an unseen tone
within the voice of that character, the one you wish you had known
speaking of danger in the wild
of susceptible interpretations, taken in as a child

subjectively speaking through the persistency of flesh
old age, in which acquires a now purposeful death
collapses within itself, casting down languageless-ness
to set fire to the thin thinking poets new mess

© Conifur 2013

We think by feeling.

To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individualism is. I’ve been meeting a lot of new people travelling this country the last few months. I find myself wanting companionship a lot. Yet, once I’ve found it, I seem to not. I notice that we all want to be wanted. Yet most seem to not even want themselves, as if they are undeserving. I’ve yet to find one in which truly loves and wants their own self. That’s what I’m waiting for. I’ve come to understand that if I myself emulate the things in which I wish to see in others, I tend to retain the same feeling as if the action were done by another toward me. So I keep on working on myself for me;not for you. That way she will keep working on herself for her;not for you.

I’ve never been more happy in my life to be completely and utterly alone.


a saturation of external attraction
an exposed, internal vestigial reaction
to always be, just right where you need
while sharing the fruit of your harvested seed

for unassociated ideas of a now relevant clarity
render old stimuli, and birth a new memory
while simplistic premonitions you know, now persist
an introspective, relative perspective insists

It’s a new awareness in which you yearn for
yet it is one of which you need not ask forImage

© Conifur 2013


Therein lies the garnered wisdom in which has never died.

I have found myself a traveling companion. A writer and a musician herself, she has blessed me with a great sense of comfort in knowing that I now have someone to share my vagabonding experience with. I’ve quite literally been wondering the country alone (with my dog) for the last three months. Christopher Mccandless once wrote that “happiness only exists when shared”. As a lonely traveler myself, I’m hoping that I can find some truth to that quote.



speculations of purpose reflect a perspective of self directed retention
outpouring an awareness through an evolving intention
with immaculate concepts forever suspended
this is exactly, what had been intended

for fascination feeds upon the intangible
transitional concepts viewed as of compositional
soundscapes in which are always surrounding you
and although you can’t see, it is always brand new

moko_2008_0814_ 133

© Conifur 2013

They both wanted to exchange bodies, exchange faces. There was in both of them the dark strain of wanting to become the other. To deny what they were. To transcend their actual selves.

What gives value to travel is fear. It breaks down a kind of inner structure we have. One can no longer cheat—hide behind the hours spent at the office or at the plant. I’ve been learning a lot of myself and of others these last few months on the road. We’re all wanting to be wanted. Yet most of us don’t even know what we want.


optimistic inclinations hang in your circumference
waiting on stimulation to grant you your abundance
it can, and it might even just write out what happens
in perfect harmony to your immediate reactions

she then comes with all, yet with no expectation
accompanied alongside the utmost of pure intentions
in which grant a plethora of contentment therein
while all you have to do now, is begin

to know the infinite outcomes of how this can be
making the positives all which you see
to gladly embrace the new essences invited
this is in turn how I become enlightened


© Conifur 2013