Love is God

I’ve been deep in the desert for the last two months, living very far outside of conditioned society. Entangled amongst a plethora of many, many “individualists”. I’ve been being hit with an overbearing, very applicable perception/concept in which our egos and sense of entitlement are more often than not, the roots of all our relational issues/problems with other people. To objectively observe and to be legitimately conscious of your vibrational output is a very large advantage in life. I can only hope that others will begin to see these types of things for themselves. For words are just words. “Don’t waste your hate. Rather gather and create. Be of service. Be a sensible person. Use your words and don’t be nervous. You can do this. You’ve got purpose. Find your medicine and use it.”

communication is key

hesitation breeds a sense of discontent
without it, what you seek is immanent
be perceptive while explaining your perception
for communication is key if your aim is full retention

manifest an outcome based solely upon stability
and know it’s not a fantasy to be living life cohesively
consistent expansion of internal thought is essential
to exhume the unseen, once unrecognized potential

nature still decides for us, our man-made decisions
yet you must know that it is YOUR choice alone, when inheriting dispositions


© Conifur 2014


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