Poetry is an eco, asking a shadow to dance.

I’ve never been more torn between such opposing feelings before. I not sure if I’m completely happy living life alone in a crowd right now, or if I’m depressed about it. I like socializing, but staying in cities get to me. The immense association to despondency in large cities is inescapable. Initial relationships seem to be based upon what can be sexually or monetarily benefited, as opposed to internally or intellectually, and honestly that bothers me a lot. Sure I love sex, but honestly I could give a shit about gettin’ any from anybody. I just want to share/gain perspectives on life and to have real, applicable, non-regrettable, joyous memories with people. I know there are others who actually live as if they do too. I feel that we all want to. It’s just unfortunate that the majority in which I have been seeing live life as if they don’t. I’m not sure if I’m happy or depressed right now. It’s interesting. I may stick around Tempe for a bit longer. Yet then again I might not. I need to at the least go hiking this week though to get away from Babylon a bit. Society will bring you down no matter who you are. Get your nature fix if you haven’t recently.

Feels like Content

a simplistic perception connects the intent of silence
your eye on the forest, dismantling reliance
of conditioned security, deconditioning thought
invision what you’ve always dreamt would be taught

in a low heaven that swiftly breaths
through an internal doctrine of indefinite need
there, discover an exposed mitigated weight
of contentment, through a life you wish to create


© Conifur 2013


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