Everything is as it has already been.

I got to meet my idols of literature this week. Ian Matthias Bavitz and Regan Farquhar. I went to the event alone and unexpectedly met a wonderful girl there. She seems to have made me a lot happier than I have previously been. I’m just crazy filled with a lot of gratitude and contentment right now. It’s great. My ep was completed this week too.


an unregrettable instance, of our maiden’s intent
packages a sentiment, which they all represent
the perception of oneness, as it soon will begin
through interactions made, while on your direction

knowing dispensable constructs are only just that
this is exactly where she wants to be at
lacking in conformity, indicatively sure
that we feel most alive when life isn’t secure

for you’ll never be alone, nor will you ever be lost
whether you follow the compass, or you follow the cross
it will be there once you’re there, that is always a must
this at least I continue to trust

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© Conifur 2013


One thought on “Everything is as it has already been.

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