We fall in love with that which we project on each other. Then settle for reality, or just reject one another

Travellers. Oh young travellers. A lot of us seem to have acquired this ideology that we are above others. As if we’ve earned some type of entitlement because we left everything to have nothing and do anything. Its frustrating when the ego of others gets in the way of them being completely transparent with you. If we want people to be real with us so badly, then why does it seem so hard for us to be real with each other? Thanksgiving is tomorrow, bringing with it the want of community. I’m doing great by myself, yet I’ve been missing the feeling that comes with having a steady familiar face around. One that actually gives a shit about me. I’m going to record some new songs in Tempe AZ next week hopefully, then I’m going to explore Southern Cali for the winter. I am also going to finish formatting my book there and maybe find myself a publicist. In the meantime it would be nice to meet someone “real”.

the message is you

indicative self derived soliloquies
solidify the proceeding contribution of this contingency
shown through tangible, interpretative perceptions
believed, yet not seen as; perfection

in which dwells behind the veil of actualities
tied to the directional output of all entities
recognizing this is key
the application of, is what I’d like to see

intentionally note the opposites of your obstination
for the middle is where they’ve found their definition
ensue the procreation of this predetermined knowledge
for that is just this
the message is you


© Conifur 2013


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