Relate shit ship

This goes out to all the lone soldiers. The one’s that kill demons in the name of a mustachio howling “fuck you” at a paper moon. Shine a light in my hollow brain pain. Plant a fuck to give a fuck. Slab city gypsy, under the bruised truthful youthful tree house. This is what the ghost of someones dad said. Croaking the frog like it ain’t no joke; be shrouded loosely in an air of indeterminates.

Merry Deepmas

euphoria historia, open the gate
this medicinal ethereal, it loves to create
the elemental masonry tie dyed my first seconds
left over to flatter an optimistic image sex second

water screams once boiled
insecticide exemplifies the beef that we broil
empathetic human, projection of shoe
go ahead and tell me that eye am not you

I’m just like everybody else
I might see you tonight, or else
this sage just might lose his light
everybody else is a fine dust
I dare you to rise up

© Conifur 2014



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