Therein lies the garnered wisdom in which has never died.

I have found myself a traveling companion. A writer and a musician herself, she has blessed me with a great sense of comfort in knowing that I now have someone to share my vagabonding experience with. I’ve quite literally been wondering the country alone (with my dog) for the last three months. Christopher Mccandless once wrote that “happiness only exists when shared”. As a lonely traveler myself, I’m hoping that I can find some truth to that quote.



speculations of purpose reflect a perspective of self directed retention
outpouring an awareness through an evolving intention
with immaculate concepts forever suspended
this is exactly, what had been intended

for fascination feeds upon the intangible
transitional concepts viewed as of compositional
soundscapes in which are always surrounding you
and although you can’t see, it is always brand new

moko_2008_0814_ 133

© Conifur 2013


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