Still the same.

I’m back in Oregon for now. Getting in touch with the old me I used to know.


throw the throat to show the dome
in the dust surging the curb home
diminishing returns to digestion
I’ve lost sight in what you’ve just ingested

sensitive is or isn’t it
negatives wreck the record we ain’t livin it
let it be known you bleed through the dead cause
synopsis’ of the citizens psilocybin is the clause

necessity is the trickery of all entities
the pen is in your head in the generality
dropping pockets in the sky
inside the external is why you always feel high

sentient ancients are the new old
feeling when you aren’t even cold
one by one mediocrity bends our leviathan
replaced by our fundamental need to defend

that you think you’ve been here all along
but I’ve only just arrived in my calvary


© Conifur 2014


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