Who is Conifur?

I am 22 years old. I’ve written a book (unpublished) and have recorded much. I was once in a successful signed band; lots of touring. After that I dropped off the face of the earth and traveled. Now I drift with my husky, Avhran.  I don’t market myself at all, that shit costs money. I make a living off of my music and writings. Not much at all, as its all face to face. Looking for a good publication deal right now.

Be Gratuitous.


6 thoughts on “Who is Conifur?

  1. Just follow your intuitions and document them! Affirm that what you want is always there for you, at all times. If you keep thinking and acting upon the thoughts that you think will benefit you, you will only continue to benefit! As cliché as it sounds it really is true. Life is what you make it. If you have a crazy dream that you’ve always thought was your calling. Well then that is your calling, and you should do it! People do insanely impossibly things everyday. who is to say that your dream life is not yours. This life is your life! It IS yours! You can do whatever you want! So do it!

  2. Great vibe at Pike’s Market… My daughters loved “babysitting” Emily and your music is a gem I’ll bring back to the East coast. Keep dreaming…

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