If the forms of this world die, which is more real? The me that dies, or the me that’s infinite?

Time as an essence is change, but time as existence… Nothing. Use your current time meaningfully, recognize the significance of it. Is it initiating the change that you want? Spring is here and nature is using its time, literally to change itself right now. Providing meaning for a countless spectrum of existence. I’m currently using my time to do/take in new things everyday in attempts to birth a new artist for myself through this change. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Once initiated, its much easier to do than not.

express, relate, expand

pursuance of creativity unravels inner change
found always in the people there, regardless of their age
while conceptual designs, deep in that unperceived mind
inhibit incarnations which are present in your time

of the benevolent relevant, intentional healing
residing in the life in which you wish to be reeling
whilst amongst the solitude found underneath the stars
invoking a perspective relevant to who you are

natures mind, within the place you will be
illuminates therein what you have wished you might see
so express relate and expand, manipulate your destiny
clear minds will then result, and they will come with much celerity


© Conifur 2013


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