Your labyrinth is a cubicle with an open door. In terms of this metaphor

Inspiration for the addition to my Gratitude tatt. It came to me this morning whilst writing. From a piece I had written a few years ago that had nothing to do with what was being written at the time. That’s how inspiration and creativity usually works for me. Unintended. If you are familiar with the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto and his experiments with words and water, I am doing something similar. I am going to attach the following poem (one of my own) to a container of water. Freeze that water w/ the poem still attached. Examine the formulated crystals under a microscope. Compare them to the same water frozen without words. If they differ dramatically as Masaru suggests, then the image of the art influenced crystal is what is going to be behind the “Gratitude” on my chest.

ubiquitous influence

fabricate the main basics, in nostalgic phases
echoing proceeded statements, lost amongst the phrases
in an outspoken voice of a new mind acquired
society circulates, collective thoughts now inspired

reiterate the euphemism of what can be another cure
declares ironically what you might be, now sure
for one day, surely you will stop growing
at the end of a gene pool, continuously bestowing

reverted to commended an unawakened thought spoken
arduously implicit words and souls now interwoven
with indexed internal visions, aiding in their own inception
intertwined with what you orchestrate in life as a perception

ubiquitous influences can only remain nameless
in this aimless reflection of ambiguity, sustain us
its deep within your context to define your own expression
so take this all in, its unintended intention


© Conifur 2013


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