It is in my hands to allow what I hear to fade into silence;or to be given meaning.

Synchronicity should become a constant in your life if it is not. You initiate it. So why not initiate it? I climbed a small mountain with my dog Emily yesterday. I tried writing whilst on top of it, yet I failed. After I had ventured back down, I wrote this.


be susceptible to their subjective interpretations
divert from your internal, repetitious trepidations
for I’ve found an omniscience that words have yet not
an instinctual, concurrent indistinguishable thought

there are two, there is one; as for ways to be you
in which know we all strive on our experience new
engaged in a state of internal singularity
whilst you then observe manifested synchronicity

that stimulates instant connotations of interconnectedness
with the relevance of ubiquitous ethereal intelligence
correlating our prosperity with her transparent clarity
don’t go on thinking that it was coincidentally


© Conifur 2013


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