The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving.

New writing site. New town. New people. New approach. These “intros” in the beginning will be short this time around. I live in Ashland at the Wellsprings for now. I am going to start backpacking this summer with my dog Emily. The aim, eventually New York. Things are a lot different, therefore I’m beginning to take a different approach to everything really.


waking, a literal dream
meant to be the opposite of the thing that it seems
it may just be, so then do what thou wilt
for soon you come forth, with perceptions rebuilt

as said the rufescent heiress
reveling in all of her benevolence
illuminating the embellishments
of the collective’s intelligence

do your words reflect your intended life?
do they personify your personal strife?
either way, its a gain or a loss
either way, you’re a slave or a boss

the similarity of that personality invokes something in me spiritually
individually indicated by the actuality of our habitual perceptions literally


© Conifur, 2013


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